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Smart Portable Blender

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Want to take your protein shakes along with you when you're on the go? With this rechargeable portable beverage shaker from Randy & Travis Machinery, you can. This BPA-free smart blender comes with its own USB cable so you can recharge it anywhere you have power—even in the car. Made from sturdy stainless steel and durable acrylic, this shaker can stand up under even the most rugged conditions. It's easy to clean, too—a huge benefit if you're camping or hiking. Simply add your favourite dish detergent, some water, and turn it on. It'll churn up a foam vortex that will reach into every crevasse to clean it. Rinse with a little water—and you're done. With its 600-millilitre capacity, it can handle a good-sized protein shake. Just pour in your liquid ingredient and press the power button. It'll create a vortex—a mini-tornado inside your shaker. Next, add the protein powder and wait for a half-minute. You'll have a delicious smoothie or protein shake to power your day. Carry it in your gym bag or backpack without fear of spillage. Its leak-proof, hermetically sealed lid lock gives you complete peace of mind. Features and specifications: Material: Stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic Colour: Silver and black Capacity: 600mL Height: 24.13cm Diameter (top): 8.9cm Diameter (bottom): 6.35cm Charging type: Rechargeable Leak-proof Easy to use and clean Accessories: Rechargeable USB cable