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15m Cardio Battle Strength Training Climbing Rope

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15m Battle Strength Training Climbing Rope

Take this battle and get a new challenge! This battling rope will take your cardio and strength training to a new level. Ideally, this awesome strength training rope focus on core muscles. This is the best thing since you throw your entire body into the workout, such that your hips, shoulders and abs all get the prime workout. An all out movement spent in this strength training requires continuous energy output involving the entire body. So burn that undesirable calories and heighten your strength with this battle rope cardio workout now!

Definitely a good challenge! Try and diversify your workout routine now!

 More Benefits:

  1. The battling rope is perfect for strength training as well as for toning and focus. 
  2. This strong nylon cased battle rope is capped on either end to prevent fraying.
  3. A battle rope session provides a great cardio workout - it elevates your heart rate and burns calories.
  4. There is a freedom to this non-restrictive way of exercising. Your body is allowed to take the lead and move and react in a natural and organic manner.
  5. The "Tsunami Wave" is a battle rope exercise that has gained attention and popularity.
  6. There is not a more efficient way to strengthen your back, core, arms and even your hands than with a battle rope workout.

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  • Caps on the ends to prevent wearing
  • 11kg dead weight
  • 50ft x 1.5 inches
  • Battle rope with Nylon casing for extra strength

    Package Content: 1 x 15m Battle Strength Training Climbing Rope