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13pc Fitness Bands Set

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Muscles will start to grow in size and definition by constantly breaking down muscle tissue through some form of resistance. Traditional weights only offer a steady stream of tension during the whole movement, and the entire concept of resistance bands is to perform exercises that uses an elastic nature to work specific parts of the body.

Note: The yoga band and yoga head strap come in assorted colours and will be shipped out randomly!


  • Brand new and high quality
  • The perfect product to increase variety to a workout routine
  • Lightweight and easy to carry while you are on vacation or work break
  • Suitable for home exercise programs, yoga, ABS, pilates
  • Ideal for all levels of fitness from beginner to seasoned athletes
  • Constantly provides tension on muscles which cannot be achieved with free weight exercises
  • Resistance results in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation to promote muscle growth
  • Five latex rubber tube provide five resistance levels from two kilograms to twenty kilograms, and it is possible to attach 1,2,3,4,or all 5 tubes to handles




Colour : Blue/Red/Yellow/Green/Black
Length : 120cm
Material : Latex Rubber

Handles Material : Strong cushioned foam
Colour : Black
Door Anchor Length : 19.5cm
Colour : Black
Ankle Cuff Straps Overall length : 38.5cm
Yoga bands Length : 120cm
Colour : 32 colours
Carry Bag Size 27cm x 25cm approx
Package Contents

5x Resistance tube
2x Handle
2x Ankle cuff strap
1x Door anchor
1x Yoga band (colours are delivered randomly)
1x Yoga head strap (colours are delivered randomly)
1x Carry bag