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10x Advanced Protein Shaker Cup Sports Drink Bottle

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10x Advanced Protein Shaker Bottle Cup Sports Drink

Take your favorite vitamin drink wherever you go! Our amazing SmartShake sports shaker bottle drink cup provides you with two ways to stay healthy. With its dual built-in compartments, you can bring a serving of your favorite nutritional drink in one compartment and protein, creatine or vitamin capsules in the other. The sports shaker cup is designed to serve all your pre and post workout nutritional needs. Order supply of these great multi-purpose sports drink cups for the whole family!

Advanced: There’s a reason our sports cup is called “advanced.” The cup is designed with anti-leak technology for hot or cold drinks. Its tight seal leaves every bit of the drink for your consumption – no waste and no mess! You can mix your drink on the go. Its refined built-in strainer will filter out any lumps so your drink will go down smooth and satisfyingly. 

Quality: The cup is strong and durable and is safe for the freezer, dishwasher and microwave. The cup holds 600 ml (20 oz) and the portion containers 120 ml (4 oz) each.


  • Two built-in compartments
  • Anti-leak technology
  • Refined strainer
  • 10 x sets included in this package deal
  • 600 ml (20 oz) capacity
  • 120 ml (4 oz) each portion

Package Content: 1 x 10x Advanced Protein Shaker Bottle Cup Sports Drink

Note: You will receive a pack of 10 of "Advanced Protein Shaker Cup Sports Drink Bottle".