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10kg Medicine Ball

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Terrific for athletes looking to increase both strength and explosive quickness, the 10kg Double-Handled Rubber Medicine Ball comes to us from Randy & Travis Machinery, a leader in rugged yet affordable sports and outdoor equipment. The classic medicine ball has been used for fitness and athletic training for centuries, and you don't mess with success! Whether it's squats, lunges, chops, crunches, twists, throws, raises, and more, the medicine ball has unrivaled versatility which is only enhanced by the double rubber grips. This medicine ball weighs 10kg and measures 26cm in diameter. It's made from a tough rubber that can take plenty of pounding. Whether it's overall fitness you're after or something specific like rehabilitation or plyometric weight training, the 10kg Double-Handled Rubber Medicine Ball is a must-have tool in the gym or at home. Features of the 10kg Double-Handled Rubber Medicine Ball: Get fit, add muscle mass, and increase quickness with the classic medicine ball Weight: 10kg Double handles Colour: black All-rubber construction Size: 26 x 26 x 26cm