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10kg Olympic Weight Plate

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The 10kg Black Olympic Rubber Encased Weight Plate is designed for both Olympic lifting and power lifting. It features easy-on, easy-off operation, and it will keep its look for many years to come.

The three grips of the weight make handling, loading, and unloading the weight simple and straightforward. The plate is made from a high-density elastic rubber which makes it extremely resilient in terms of overhead drops and other punishment. The plate is designed and manufactured by Randy & Travis Machinery, a leader in sports equipment, so it's no wonder it's built tough!

Get the superior weight plate for all your lifting. Order the 10kg Olympic Black Rubber Encased Weight Plate today.

Features of the 10kg Black Olympic Rubber Encased Weight Plate:

*Weight: 10kg

*Made from a durable, high-density rubber with iron interior

*Designed for power lifting and Olympic lifting

*Colour: black

*Three grips for easy-on, easy-off operation