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Carla S. - August 6, 2019

What Fitness Equipment is Matt Agnew of The Bachelor Australia Using?

In case you haven’t heard, Matt Agnew is a 31-year-old doctor and Ph.D. candidate studying Astrophysics who is looking for the love of his life on The Bachelor Australia 2019.

30 beautiful ladies will be competing to win his heart and the lucky girl will have this gorgeous hunk as a boyfriend and who knows maybe get married.

The question a lot of people are asking is how does he get to look like that?

What kind of fitness equipment does he use to build such a strong and toned body?

According to an Australian study done at Griffith University in Queensland, women are more attracted to men who look strong physically.

80% of women will find a man attractive if he has lean muscles and is taller.

It’s therefore not a surprise that bachelors on The Bachelor Australia tend to have this lean muscle type of look.

The good news is that it’s achievable with the right equipment, diet and attitude.

When it comes to building lean muscle today you don’t have to go to the gym to get in shape.
With the right fitness equipment, you can achieve the desired look.

Let’s now take a look at Matt’s exercise regime and the equipment you can use to achieve similar gains. 

Treadmills and Bike

In an interview with Now to Love Matt explained "In terms of working out, I try to run three times a week. Just short ones for 4-6kms".

Getting a treadmill or spin bike will provide an immense benefit to any workout regime for anyone looking to improve on their cardiovascular health through running.

Studies have shown that regular cardio exercises help to keep one young.

There are stories online from men experiencing hair thinning and noticing that it is linked to their sedentary lifestyles.

When these men took up cardio, it reduced the hair loss.

This doesn’t mean that lifting weights doesn’t have the same effect, it just means that cardio exercises are better as they result in faster blood circulation which contributes to quicker gains in cell development.

With a treadmill or spin bike you can get a great cardio workout at home. 


Matt tries lifting four times a week. One of the best pieces of fitness equipment are dumbbells.

Just like cardio, you don’t need to go to the gym to achieve muscle strength. What you need are two of these and a strategy.

They’re best used for the bicep curls to build the popeye kind of arms in an easy straight forward way.


Barbells can also be used to perform bicep curls. They allow you to work both arms simultaneously and evenly.

The position of your grip can allow you to home in on different parts of the muscle.

They make a good piece of fitness equipment for experienced lifters and provide a good lower-body workout.

Place the barbell behind your shoulders as you hold it with both hands. Stand with your feet slightly apart and squat.

Do this repeatedly while keeping your back straight as you move lower to be in a seated position.
As you do this you’re gaining strength in your lower back, abs, quadriceps and buttocks.

Where to Buy Fitness Equipment in Australia 

There are several places to find fitness equipment in Australia. You can either get them direct from a fitness store or shop online.

When it comes to investing in your fitness journey, it’s very important to find a supplier with a good record of selling affordable high-quality equipment.

A great place to start would be Fitness at Home as they have a unique set of equipment which we will highlight below, detailing the purpose they’re used for.

Cardiovascular Machines

These are the exercises that get your heart rate high and burn calories quickly. You can get a treadmill or a spin bike to start with.

If you’re working from home for example and want to simultaneously get a workout whilst you work, consider getting the Walkstation B Treadmill and ErgoDesk which is fantastic for walking or light running.

If you’re planning to really ramp up your fitness efforts and need a piece of fitness equipment that is strong enough to help you burn those calories fast, then The New Marathon Commercial Lifespan Treadmill is exactly what you need.

If planning to use your treadmill for intense running, a motor of 2.5 horsepower and a speed of 10 miles per hour or higher is recommended.

A spin bike also serves the same purpose as a treadmill with studies showing it can increase cardiovascular fitness by up to 7%.

The Commercial Red Spin Bike Wheel made of stainless steel provides an automotive-grade drive belt that delivers plenty of resistance through a control knob. It’s also one of those bikes that makes absolutely no noise! 

Weight Lifting Equipment  

20kg Powertrain Adjustable Home Gym Dumbbell

With the simple twist of the handle, you're ready to go with this remarkable adjustable dumbbell.

The innovative locking mechanism secures only the weights that you want and a second is all it takes to change the weight of this dumbbell.

This means that you waste less time switching weights and spend more time building muscle to achieve your goals.

The PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbell's ergonomic design makes it the most space-efficient and flexible strength-training option available.

With just the twist of a handle, you can automatically change your resistance on this dumbbell from 5 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds.

It adjusts in 1.5-pound (approx.) increments, enabling you to gradually increase your strength while training with the perfect weight to push your limits.

Resistance Band Kit

Resistance bands offer resistance to create tension and build muscles.

With a full kit from Fitness at Home, you’re assured a variety of fitness equipment to suit your needs.

They all have different weight implications and can be used differently. If you want to develop Matt Agnew kind of biceps, consider trying out the standing bicep curl.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings are arguably some of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment for home gym strength training.

They can also be attached to different positions in a room.

Whether you’re training for fitness or for competition, these wooden rings are made to get you closer to your goals. 

Tricep Pull-Down Rope

This is perfect for anyone looking to spot train their triceps as it focuses on this area and a number of back muscles.

Powerful Forearms and Strong Grip Equipment

When it comes to fitness equipment, small is the new big.

More tools such as kettlebells are becoming popular for working out as they provide spot training which delivers great results when focusing on specific areas of the body.

Since they possess a bigger handle than dumbbells or barbells, they tend to develop greater forearm strength.

Their design is pretty unique with the rounded shape that creates a sense of fluctuating gravity, offering a new dynamic in developing your forearm muscles.

Chest muscle Development Equipment
Bench Press

This is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment when it comes to targeting chest muscles with heavy loads.

It’s fantastic for muscle growth and adding significant mass to one’s frame.

If you’re looking to target your chest muscles, shoulders and triceps then this is the right machine for you.

Coupled with a great diet, one should begin to see massive gains in a short span of time. 

Core Workout Equipment
Pole Dancing 

With a pole dance workout, you don’t need to do sit-ups and crunches.

This is one of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment targeting core muscles. It’s guaranteed to tone that area faster than any other exercise.

Pole athlete Joanna Pawelczyk testifies that “As someone who did weights at the gym religiously four to five times a week before I started pole I can confidently say that no amount of gym gave me the same toned body that pole does.” 

Exercise Balls

Lifespan’s Titan Wall Balls are ideal for core fitness, endurance, cross-fit training, or general coordination and flexibility workouts.

They are available in 4kg to 10kg and are universally sized at 35cm diameter per ball. Encased in PU Leather, Lifespan's wall balls are filled with sand which is consistent, balanced and easy to handle, while maintaining shape and absorbs high-velocity impact.

Full Body Workout Equipment
Rowing Machine 

It’s perfect for a full-body workout as it works out your whole body as it targets your upper body, core, chest, biceps, forearms, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Therefore, there's no need to use several machines to get a full-body workout when you use a rowing machine.

Once you get the hang of any workout plan you’ll be getting the gains and seeing your body transform to look the best it can be.

o how does Matt Agnew get the motivation to workout 4 times a week? "I really enjoy it. For me, it's something very therapeutic.

I don't like to do it with someone. I just pop the headphones in, zoning out. Yeah, it's a therapeutic thing for me," he said.

If you’ve been into sports like Matt and playing a lot of sports growing up as exercise is an important part of your life, then you should go for it.

Although he’s not much of a runner he has still managed to get into shape and create a chiselled bod and 6 pack.

He revealed that he’s got “lousy knees” and that’s why he doesn’t run much, however we think even with delicate knees one could opt for treadmills that have a cushioning system that reduces the impact on knees when running.

The Foldable Pursuit Treadmill with Fitlink by Lifespan can help reduce the impact on your body by 15-40% compared to running on the road.

"Half the battle is just starting. For me, I could feel exhausted and just park up on the couch, do nothing and watch trash on Netflix.

But, throw on the shoes, throw on the runners and as soon as you've started, it feels really great.

The head's cleared. The music gets me really going and yeah, it's just getting through the thirty seconds of 'just do this'." says Matt.

He is so much like most of us, it makes it feel like one could actually develop this fit bod before the end of the year.

Matt Agnew also emphasises the importance of a proper diet. "I eat in a smaller window, sometimes only 4-6 hours in the evening.

They're a lot of proteins, lean meats, salads, yogurts. Sometimes I get stuck into those Halo Tops.

It's 'naughty' ice cream, but I don't feel quite as guilty." Increasing your protein levels cannot be overemphasised.

Your muscles require protein to grow and repair themselves after an intense strength training session.

So remember, whatever fitness equipment you choose, having a proper diet to go along with it will see you achieve the gains desired. 

At Fitness at Home, we specialise in the best high-quality and affordable fitness equipment.

We deliver fast, provide secure ordering and an easy returns process. Plus, we’re an Australian owned business that supplies equipment nationwide.

If you’ve been searching for the best, consider your search complete by reaching out to us.