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Carla S. - January 3, 2020

Tips for Choosing & Installing a Removable Dance Pole at Home

If you’re a pole dancing enthusiast, chances are that you’d rather have your own removable dance pole at home.

They’re super convenient as you can move them around your house, unlike fixed poles.

Pole dancing requires you to be able to find a good quality removable pole built to utilize a combination of pressure and tension mechanism to secure itself while in use.

You will also need to learn how to properly install it.

This will allay any fears you may have about getting injured while using it as this is a dangerous workout especially for people without any training.

It is advisable that before you use dance poles at home, that you have some training on pole dancing.

Many women are afraid to install a removable dance pole at home because several things need to be considered.

For example:

  • Will this pole damage my ceiling?
  • Will my landlord get mad?
  • Can I install it on my ceiling type? 
  • How do I find studs? 
  • What about the floor - is carpet OK? Will it break my tiles? 
  • I am afraid it will come down - how can I be sure?  

To answer these questions, here are some tips to consider. 

Tips for Choosing & Installing a Removable Dance Pole at Home  

Ceiling Type

If you have a concrete ceiling, consider yourself lucky as this process has just been simplified by half.

This is because you won’t need to find any studs also known as joints, to affix your pole’s dome.

The studs are normally under your ceiling and can be made of metal or wood.

Choose A Removable Dance Pole With Soft Rubber On The Base

Making sure that the portable pole is securely transfixed on the ground is crucial to the safety of the user.

A good dance pole should have soft rubber attached to its base to prevent it from slipping when in use.

The ones with hard rubber are prone to sliding and movements. It should also be pliable and glued on properly.

The wider the dome the better. Having a wider dome helps with the stability of the entire pole, particularly if it’s made from heavy-duty metal.

This means it will be able to support your weight and won’t move around when you’re using it.
Recommended pole size is the 45mm-50mm thickness.

Choose a size that you’re comfortable with. If you have a light body frame and a small grip, then a removable pole with a 45mm thickness will be suitable.

One should never get the stripper poles that are less than 45mm, especially if you’re not lightweight.

These types of the pole are built to support only up to a certain weight and using them might put you at risk. 

Avoid Plastic

Knobs should be made with metal and not plastic.

Be sure to check them properly because they could be painted to look like metal.

Also, make sure the pole is made out of thick heavy-duty metal. If not, it’s going to start bending after some time.


Make sure the chrome is well painted and it’s not peeling as it could cut you during use once it starts chipping.

Recommended Removable Poles For Home

1. Steel Portable Spinning and Static Dance Pole  

  • This pole can lock and unlock in seconds to switch between static and spinning modes. 
  • The 45mm diameter pole is finished in high grade electroplated chrome.  
  • It is height adjustable and is supplied with two extensions so it can fit ceilings from 2.23m to 2.74m high. 
  • This portable pole requires no fixing to the ceiling and can be taken down in minutes for storage. 
  • Fitted with clear anti-slip silicone rubber on both the base and extra-wide support dome ensures the pole will withstand the pressure of professional dancing. 
  • As a standard, we supply the high density sealed bearing option to ensure the smoothest and quietest operation, best durability and long life.  

2. Portable Dance Pole Spinning Home Gym Fitness

  • Perfect for static and spinning workouts 
  • Height adjustable 
  • Electroplated chrome finish 
  • Safe - Extra-wide top dome, anti-slip base 
  • Fits ceilings 2.23m to 2.74m  

ole dancers should also consider getting a mat that is specially made to provide protection for advanced tricks like inverts.

It’s ideal for home use, gym or traveling instructors as it’s easy to put on and remove in seconds.

The most important thing when choosing and installing a removable dance pole at home is to make sure that it’s stable and strong enough not to move when you’re using it.

With the tips shared above, you should be more confident now in taking your pole dancing skills to the next level.

At Fitness At Home, we have made your work easier by selling only high-quality dance poles on afterpay.

Now all you need is to get one, secure it properly in your home and get dancing.