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 April 2024 

How To Get More Energy

How To Get More Energy

Being sluggish and tired can make for an unsuccessful day, and if the body is tired, it will fight to get what it wants. It is important to give the body what it wants and needs daily to ensure maximum energy.

Though there are products that advertise they’ll give you all the energy you need, many of these drinks or other energy sources are filled with sugar and other unhealthy additives. There is no proven evidence stating that energy drinks or coffee is the best way to get more energy. Still, people depend on these drinks as their primary source of energy.

Did you know there are natural ways to obtain a healthier energy source outside of caffeinated products?

Changing small things in your daily life, such as the way you eat or how much you exercise, can increase your energy and your everyday mood.  

Benefits Of Getting Energy Naturally

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Naturally, the human body reacts to specific activities and foods to help us obtain and retain energy. Many people still choose to avoid natural energy sources while choosing to intake processed versions such as energy supplements or drinks.

Having a busy lifestyle can lead to more lazy days than not if you’re not careful, which is why it’s crucial to find the best ways to get more energy.

Energy is necessary for having a productive lifestyle, and there’s no better way to obtain energy other than naturally. This article provides you with everything you need to know about getting more energy, including detailed descriptions of the healthiest ways to do so.

Learning to boost your energy naturally can lead to a healthier lifestyle overall. Natural ways to get more energy can result in fewer complaints of fatigue while reducing unwanted health issues that may come along with unhealthy habits.

Here are a few benefits that may follow when choosing to get more energy the healthy way: 

  • Long-term energy
  • Stress reduction
  • Adequate fruit and veggie intake
  • Enhanced mood
  • Healthy weight maintenance 
  • Disease control

Eventually, sustaining energy throughout the day will become a part of your daily life, and you’ll find that you need fewer energy supplements while on your journey. Continue reading to discover the best ways to get more energy naturally.

Top Ways to Get More Energy  

Obtaining energy has nothing to do with the number of energy drinks you drink, especially since most of them can cause you to feel sluggish shortly after drinking due to the amount of sugar. It has everything to do with how you take care of your body.

Here are the best ways to get more energy while bettering your health, mentally and physically.

Adequate Sleep
Getting an adequate amount of sleep allows your body to not only rest after a long day but to recharge and prepare for the following day.

On average, the body requires 7-9 hours of sleep for adults, but everyone has different sleep requirements. Some people may only need 4-5 hours, while others may require 7+ hours.

You have to find the best balance for your body. Getting too much sleep can sometimes contribute to your tiredness during the day just as much as not getting enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep may sound like the obvious way to get more energy, but it may be easier said than done for many.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always present us with the opportunity to receive an adequate amount of sleep daily, and if this goes unnoticed for too long, it can equate to a constant trend of sluggish days.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, it is essential to create a sleep routine and stick to it. Doing this will help train your body to adapt to your sleep schedule and add a bundle of energy to your morning routine.

Getting enough rest will allow you to get through your day without the worry of dozing off during important life responsibilities (i.e., work or class).

Tips on getting more sleep:  

  • Go to sleep around the same time every night 
  • Avoid long napping
  • Disconnect from electronics at night
  • Create a relaxing environment

Eat Healthier Meals
Vitamins, minerals, and complex carbs are essential to incorporate into your daily life to reach your maximum health and energy level.

Though many pharmacies sell vitamins over the counter, you could easily incorporate the same vitamins in your daily meals by adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet. All vitamins have their own added benefits towards boosting your energy by helping your body avoid vitamin deficiencies.

All vitamins aid in one’s health, but the B vitamins, in particular, are the ones that should be incorporated if you are trying to maintain acceptable energy levels. If your body has a vitamin B-12 deficiency, feelings of fatigue will likely follow drastically.

Outside of B vitamins, it is good to ensure that you receive all of your vitamins daily to avoid any deficiency, leading to unenergized days more often than not. If you are frequently eating unhealthy foods, you’ll likely notice that you don’t feel the best shortly after digestion.

Greasy and fatty foods force our body to work harder to digest, which takes a lot of our energy.

By the time we digest certain foods, we hardly have any energy for other activities, which could cause us to nap for long periods and intervene with the sleeping schedule that you may have created for yourself.

Guess you can call it a domino effect.

Here are some of the tops foods to incorporate daily to get more energy.

Sweet Potatoes
Your body will take its time digesting this healthy complex carb, ensuring a full day of energy with no crashing after as if it were a simple carb.

This food choice is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, and vitamin B, which all help in the energy-producing process.

The significant benefits this fruit holds will provide you with a full day of stored energy. They have been proven to aid in the absorption of other nutrients in addition to their high fiber levels accounting for their energy levels.

Whether you’re eating this snack at home or on the go, nuts can provide you with an abundance of nutrients that contribute to an increase in your energy levels. Many nuts contain healthy fats, carbs, and other vitamins and minerals, which can be an excellent additive to reduce tiredness.

Yellow, tasty, and nutritious is the best way to describe this fruit. Eating a banana will provide a great energy source with its complex carbs and vitamin B6 contribution to the body.

Green Leafy Vegetables
An example of these vegetables that promote energy is kale or spinach.

Most of these veggies provide the body with high volumes of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, and K, all helping remove the chance of deficiencies.

Including these select foods in your meals, among other nutritious foods daily, will provide your body with its proper nutrients, ensuring a better flow of energy through your body.

Drink More Water
The human body comprises 60% water, which explains why a person can survive days without eating but can NOT survive days without water.

Drinking lots of water is one of the purest forms of obtaining energy.

An average adult male is recommended to consume 3.5 liters of water per day, and 2.7 liters for adult females. Adequate water intake prevents things like dry-mouth and strong urine output, but once you deprive yourself of water for too long, dehydration can cause more severe complications.

Suffering from dehydration can cause extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness, and eventually fainting. That is the complete opposite of obtaining more energy for normal day-to-day activities.

Water also plays a significant role in digestion.

If the body does not have the necessary amount of water to digest food, the intestines will have difficulty breaking down and absorbing the contents. Difficult digestion causes the body to direct more energy towards the gut’s efforts instead of daily activities, not to mention the amount of energy needed to pass a hard stool.

Water is essential to obtaining and maintaining clean energy throughout the day while supporting healthy bodily functions.

In recent years, different water bottle brands have made it common to offer their customers the opportunity to obtain electrolytes while receiving their daily water intake.

Electrolytes allow active individuals to keep their body systems balanced to reach maximum performance and energy.

Gain Control of Stress
Daily stress can have a considerable contribution to a lack of energy. Too much mental exhaustion will eventually cause your physical body to start reacting as a defense.

Finding a solution to your stress may be difficult. Still, it is necessary.

Many people choose to deal with stress instead of ridding their minds and bodies of it, which can be mentally and physically damaging to the body and its energy levels in the long term.

Diffusing stress first begins with finding the source. Whether it be a job, a person, or your mind creating unnecessary worries that aren’t even here yet, stress is always around, trying to take well-needed energy.

After you’ve found the source of your stress, it is time to find an effective way to deal with it. In order for you to receive high energy levels, you must incorporate routines to relieve your mind and body of its daily stressors.

These routines should remain a part of your life forever, to receive maximum stress relief resulting in more energy.

It may not always be easy to leave a job or get rid of a person when you discover they may be the source of your stress. Which is why it is important to have ways to cope and relieve tension.

Here are some ways to cope with stress: 

  • Meditate
  • Participate in your favorite hobbies often 
  • Yoga
  • Join stress groups
  • Exercise

Once you have complete control of your life’s stress triggers, they will not affect your energy levels any longer.

Gain control of your stress and reap the energized benefits.

Many people may think that working out makes you tired when, on the contrary, it does the complete opposite.

As mentioned above, exercise has a natural way of ridding the body of tension and unwanted stress. The release of the endorphins, also known as the “happy hormone,” during and after a workout is the reason.

Outside of its stress-relieving advantages, exercise can help one feel energized for the entire day due to the body’s oxygen and nutrient circulation during a workout.

The increase in oxygen circulation allows the body systems to meet the challenge you present during the workout. The hardest thing to do when trying to obtain energy from exercising is having enough energy to get off the couch and begin a workout activity.

Once you have pushed yourself past the feeling of fatigue to go for a walk or even a run, your energy will rise during whatever activity you have chosen to participate in daily.

Many people choose to workout first thing in the morning because of the well-known fact that exercising is an excellent energy source. So the next time you’re feeling down or tired, push yourself past the fatigue and get those limbs moving and your heart pumping. The energy that follows will be overwhelming.  

Final Thoughts on How to Get More Energy  

Every day we find ways to discover more energy all around us.
Suppose you are tired of depending on supplements or energy drinks to get you through your daily work and responsibilities. In that case, it may be time to evaluate what you could be doing to add more natural energy to your life.

The next time you are feeling fatigued, ask yourself these questions.

Am I getting adequate sleep?
Am I eating and drinking foods high in vitamins and minerals?
Am I in control of my stress and exercising?

The answers to these questions will determine your energy level daily.