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Carla S. - May 17, 2020

At Home Pump Exercises

taying in shape requires determination, patience, and fortitude. For many of us, it’s also a lesson in frustration and pain.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get around the uncomfortable part of a workout.

But here’s some good news!

While your exercise program may push your muscles and stamina to the limit, it doesn’t have to mess with your finances. Working out in the comfort of your own home is a brilliant way to save money without compromising your physical health. The key is finding the right workout routine.

You may be looking for new chest exercises to do, or maybe you’re interested in learning about effective body weight exercises or dumbbell exercises. Your goal is to reduce body fat and get in shape. In this post we’re going to explore body pump, an excellent option ideal for both women’s health and men’s health that gives you a full-body workout targeting your glutes, hamstrings, arms and shoulders.

What is Body Pump?

Body pump is a group exercise program based in part on barbell workouts that has exploded onto the fitness scene. The focus is to build and tone all the major muscles in your body using weights and repetitive motions. And while there’s always the option of joining a gym and participating in (and paying for) live classes, we’re here to tell you that you can get the same results from doing body pump exercises at home (minus the fee!).

Is it right for me?

The beauty of body pump exercises is that they can be tailored to your age, shape, size, and skill level. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bona-fide athlete or a beginner, body pump will suit you just fine. And for those eager to work out at home, you don’t need that much space or fancy equipment to get the job done.

Benefits of Body Pump 

One of the main reasons to jump on the body pump train is the overall feeling of well-being that comes from moving your body to motivating music. What’s more, there’s a palpable sense of community whether you follow the routines in a live class or at home.
Here are some of the major benefits to body pump exercises:

  • Burn up to 590 calories per workout 
  • Gradually lose weight  
  • Increase muscle strength 
  • Improve muscle tone 
  • Exercise all major muscle groups 
  • Gain energy and stamina 
  • Improve metabolism 
  • Sleep better at night 
  • Lower stress levels 
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system 
  • Tighten core muscles 
  • Improve posture 
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Build lean muscle 
  • Strengthen your upper body 

Let’s not forget that by following the body pump instruction, you’ll learn the proper way to perform the exercises so you’ll get the most out of each and every movement during your at-home workout.

What if I’ve never lifted weights before? 

With a low-weight/high-rep workout, you aren’t pressured to lift anything that’s too heavy. Instead, lighter weights are used so they can be expertly lifted multiple times. The idea is to work your muscles to the point of fatigue.

There’s no competition to see who can lift the most; instead, form and repetition are the focus. If at any point during the routine the weights are too much, you are encouraged to stop and rest for a few reps rather than compromise your technique.

What equipment do I need?

To get the most out of the body pump exercises, you should invest in some basic equipment. While this requires spending a bit of money, it’s nothing compared to the high cost of a gym membership or what it costs to take several classes a week at a local studio.

If you set yourself up with a weight bar and plates and a platform (or a step), you’ll have everything you need. No resistance bands, no kettlebells, and no expensive machinery required. None of this takes up much space, so you should have no problem designating a corner of a room or office as your home gym. Don’t forget to have a water bottle and towel on hand, too!

What do the workouts look like?

If you were to drop into an official BODYPUMP class, even if you didn’t know a soul there, you’d recognize the overall structure of the workout. All of the full-length classes target the major muscle groups in this order: 

  • Warm-up 
  • Squats
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Lunges
  • Shoulders
  • Abs/core
  • Cool-down

For example, in a typical body pump workout, your starting position for one set of exercises will be standing tall with your feet shoulder width apart. You’ll grab your dumbbells, bend your elbows and also bend your knees slightly to do a set of bicep curls.

It’s comforting to know the class format ahead of time. That said, trust us when we say that the combination of an enthusiastic teacher and energizing music makes each class fly by!

How do I access workouts?

On the official BODYPUMP website, you can choose from more than 800 workouts that range from 15-55 minutes. Beginners should definitely do a bit of research before attempting a full workout and absolutely follow a video for the first few times. However, once you get the hang of the moves, there’s no reason you can’t do routines on your own in your home.

One of the program’s selling points is the music; it’s a huge motivator! In an attempt to keep things fresh, every three months a new workout with new music is released by Les Mills, the originator of BODYPUMP. There’s also the option to purchase music that’s been created specifically for a body pump home workout. With the tunes on hand, you have no excuse not to get moving.

How often should I do a body pump workout? 

How often you do a body pump workout is dependent on a few factors, mainly your schedule and your fitness goal. If you’re interested in weight loss, you won’t get quick results from doing body pump moves since the exercises are meant to lengthen and tone muscles over time.

Doing body pump workouts 2 to 3 times a week is a safe bet for anyone, whether you’re new to exercise or a full-on athlete. Remember that there are routines ranging from 55 to 15 minutes, so there’s an option for everyone and every type of schedule. Of course, if you have concerns about the amount of exercise you need (whether it’s more or less), consult a medical professional. 

Beyond spin class 

With around 130,000 certified instructors around the world, it’s no surprise that body pump is poised to be the go-to exercise program for all generations (move over, spin class!). With just one workout you can target every muscle group and get your heart rate up. In addition, catchy music and charismatic instructors are just what you need to stay motivated and to entice you to go back for more.

If you’re truly interested in improving your health and getting in shape, stick to a meal plan and commit to healthy eating, maintain an active lifestyle, build muscle, mix up your workout with cardio exercises and strength training, and be consistent.