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Carla S. - April 19, 2020

7 Fun Facts About Kettlebells

Kettlebell fun fact number 1: 

Kettlebells burn a greater amount of calories in less time than most traditional exercises!

Kettlebell fun fact number 2: 

15 minutes on a cross-trainer can burn around 50-125 calories while 15 minutes using kettlebells will burn around 300 calories! This makes kettlebells a fantastic component of your fitness workout. 

Kettlebell fun fact number 3: 

Kettlebells require the use of your stabilizer muscles and they increase balance and reprogram your muscles to work together.

Kettlebell fun fact number 4: 

Kettlebells help to improve posture! So the next time you get caught slouching, go home and include kettlebells in your workout!

Kettlebell fun fact number 5: 

Kettlebells have a great 'after-burn' by providing the body with both aerobic exercise during kettlebell reps, but also a prolonged anaerobic burn after the exercise has completed, boosting that higher metabolic rate. 

Kettlebell fun fact number 6: 

Those who work at a computer for most of their day, lose strength in their lower bodies. Kettlebells will improve your hamstrings and glute strength and this, therefore, improves your lower back conditioning. Fantastically this results in reduced lower back pain and greater movement and your range of motion. 

Kettlebell fun fact number 7: 

Kettlebells offer full-body workout and teach the muscles to work together for better movement and overall greater physical abilities.